School Schmool

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I’m gonna be real with you here. We aren’t pushing school all that hard right now. My kids aren’t academic geniuses.

They aren’t teaching themselves calculus and foreign language during this break. They aren’t above grade level or excelling or anything like that. And I don’t even care. They’re mostly trying their best and I love them for that.

They’re average kids. And that’s awesome. Guys. Someone has to be average. We can’t all be gifted and talented, or that’d become the new average.

I’m gonna be real with you again. My kids are fucking rad as hell. They really really exemplarily awesome kids, the absolute coolest, kindest kids I know.

And right now, they’re living their best life. And so darn happy. And PLAYING. HARD. This season of life, for us, is super chill with nothing but time. Weeks of Saturdays, with assignments sprinkled in where they fit.

We were behind before this started. And we might be behind in spots in the fall. But our successes can look different than yours, right now. Our triumphs and failures and to do lists can be our own right now. We’ll do us. You do you. Be okay with your day not looking like everyone else’s.

Be okay knowing that you’re doing the best you can do.

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