Documentary Safely

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I’m struggling right now, and maybe you are too, with how to accurately and safely tell this story. How do I show how crazy things are when staying in places any longer than needed adds unnecessary risk?

How do I show the emptiness of cities and roads and popular places while not being able to go there? How do I show the frenzied faces of gloved shoppers, anxiously scanning shelves. How do I find the balance between documenting and staying at home?

I don’t.

My daily life looks awful lot like a team weekend. It feels so different, but it looks familiar enough. How do I show the stress and the unknown and angst behind the hours of play and messes and blanket forts?

Maybe that’s not our story.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to tell the story, while maintaining distance. Here’s the story I am telling.

I started blogging again, even if no one reads it I’ll have it one day. No one read my blog before, I just never had time. Now I have time. Nothing but time.

I’m taking photos for daily life, the same as always. I encourage you to do the same, the little things that kids find comfort inn. Their favorite toys and games and spots to play. FaceTime in with friends, the little ways in which life has changed in big ways.

Matilda and I did an interview. Raster questions about what’s going on now, and what happen to get us here. I’m glad I asked her all those questions, took the time to do an interview. To hear the story through her little voice.

Next up, I’ll ask her to journal it, too. To write the story of what’s going on.

There are so many big, crazy, scary stories to tell right now. And while those are very much a part of our reality, they are also very much not a part of our reality. I cannot in good conscious document the grocery stores shortages, the empty roads, downtown Denver deserted. I’ll keep telling it how I have been, blogging my thoughts and feelings and shooting our daily life.

How are you telling this story?

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