What’s Changed

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What’s changed in the last few weeks? Besides everything.

Three weeks ago, we were still in school. I was stressing about the Coronavirus, but it wasn’t a huge deal yet. I was prepping for company. We were planning Spring Break. Three weeks ago, we sat around little tables at conferences and explored the book fair. Three weeks ago, if I would have known, we would have spent our Monday differently.

I have never ever cooked so much in my whole life. Folks. The struggle is real. I feel like I’m doing dishes or cooking most of the day, with sprinkles of tripping over toys and breaking up fights and redirecting in between. I cook now. We eat leftovers. I plan our meals. I grocery shop with intention and lists. Basically, I’m a more responsible grown up now.

We miss our friends. I miss my friends. But, I do make more of an effort now to check in daily-ish with people, including my Minnesota mom squad. Life always got so busy, too loud for phone calls. Weeks would pass and then you’d mean to call, but things would come up. And now I call. Or voice text. Or slide in to their DM’s with a humorous meme on Instagram. But I’m working harder at showing up for the women who mean so much to me.

Spending is down. Granted, I spent a lot of money in the weeks leading up to this. I started stressing seriously at the end of February and stocked up on a whole lot of stuff (like toilet paper and paper towels, before it was trendy). But since then, I’ve been pretty good about reigning in my supplemental spending. So, basically, I’m a better grown up now. We’re on a budget, trying to limit excess spending. And while I did splurge on a few fun surprises for the kids, they were well thought out and pretty intentional. (And they’ve all been pretty big hits). I thought for sure I’d comfort shop and splurge on some new spring clothes, or buy the shoes that have been in my cart for a while, but I’m really working on holding off. And being a more responsible adult.

Our days have slowed down. We’re literally never in a hurry right now. We have absolutely no where to be. Nothing that must be done (until next week when we start online schooling). Sure, we’ve spent some days watching too much TV or too much technology time, or I’ve spent way too much time freaking out on Reddit, but for the most part, we’ve found a good balance. We try to go for walks when it’s sunny. I really need to get a workout in for my own mental health. But with nothing on our to-do or to-go or to-see list, we have the flexibility to go slow and take our time. Granted, I am really really excited to go for a hike again, but that day will come. And for now, the trails behind our house will suffice.

I’ve changed. A lot. In the last few weeks. And we’ll all keep changing, over the next few weeks. Adapting and growing and learning. I can do this. You can do this. We can do this. I’m going to keep on growing up, while chilling out, and reprioritizing.

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