Stay at Home: an Order

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Yesterday, we were told officially to stay home. I forget how long we need to do this, or how long we’re been doing this. Or where exactly we’re still allowed to go and do, but basically it’s not much.

We’ve been staying home for the last few weeks. I leave occasionally to get groceries, but Target isn’t even fun anymore. Shopping is stressful, the shelves are bare and you’re looking at everyone suspiciously wondering if they’re the ones who will get you sick. I wear gloves now. Bring my own wipes, carry hand sanitizer, and keep track of what I touch. I miss the days of strolling the aisles, sipping my Starbucks. I miss browsing.

Now that we’re officially required to stay home, we can’t play in the sandbox we found a week ago. We can still go for walks, but intentionally. We shouldn’t do extra shopping or frivolous stops. We need to not play with our friends (who we haven’t see in weeks).

We’ve been told to stay home. To leave only when needed. To exercise outside, but not play. Walk but not too close. To avoid people and crowds and don’t touch anything and please for the love of god not your face. We were asked, and now we’re told, to distance, together.

It’s an odd one, this pandemic. We’re all in this together, but we’re all so very alone.

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