What they remember

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I  wonder what my kids will remember from this season. This season of distancing and isolation. The spring break we stayed home. We saw no one. We only went outside to walk and bike and hike, but didn’t stop at any of the playgrounds. I wonder what they’ll remember of this season of us all being at home. Of weeks of Saturday’s.

I hope they remember the games and the movie nights and the little things that I planned to make this tricky time easier. I hope they remember the day I busted out the extra playdoh or dug out a hidden art project.

I hope they remember our talks about going without to keep others healthy.
I hope that this passes quickly, and relatively easily. That if we get it, we stay in bed and watch movies and drink Gatorade and recover without hiccups.

I hope that this season is as peaceful as it can be. That planning helped, that we’re prepared.

I hope they look back on this season as one that changed them, but didn’t wear them out. Inspired them to think differently about what’s important and who’s important and inspires creativity and selflessness.

I hope that this season lasts longer than we want, for the sake of many, giving everyone the time to catch up that they desperately need. I hope we have the patience to keep it up, even when we’re tired.

I don’t know what this spring will look like, but I’m hopeful. That we’ll all come together, while we’re so far apart, for the greater good of many.

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