The Beginning

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One day, this will be over. This lock down, the fear, the shortages. One day, we’ll be on the other side. We’ll have come through, stronger, but weary. One day, my kids will tell their kids about that time the world shut down because of a virus. One day, they’ll want to know more about what happened this spring. They’ll have questions.

I remember in February, before I flew to Disney with NoCo Moms Blog, discussing the Coronavirus with a friend and her coworker at the gym. Her coworker’s family lived just south of Wuhan and there was this wild virus going around. Things were getting locked down, it was wild. But we were safe. They were safe. They weren’t horribly worried.

On my flight, I briefly thought about bring hand sanitizer. I wasn’t worried. It wasn’t here. I was safe, we were safe. Our flight was full – there was a cheerleading competition at Disney that weekend. A few girls wore masks and we joked that maybe they had it. We weren’t concerned.

I came home. It was fine, no one was worried. China was locked down. It was fine.

Mid-February, I was worried. But felt crazy. So I didn’t say anything. I texted a friend, we bought toilet paper. We read reddit. I felt crazy, so I didn’t say anything.

And then at the end of February, shit got realer. Seattle got hit. And we were texting back and forth, and it was too big to deal. Too big to really think about. It was wild and unbelievable and couldn’t possibly happen to us. But we went out and bought toilet paper.

Here we are, three weeks later. The country is out of toilet paper. Finding milk AND eggs AND meat at the grocery store is a reason to celebrate. And we’re discussing locking the whole country down.

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