Saturday Adventures to Copper Mountain

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In August, I went on The Best Fucking Photo Retreat ever with Kirsten Lewis and 23 of my now favorite people. I had so much fun exploring Copper Mountain Resort with my friends that I needed to bring my family back.

The weather was perfect. If we’d planned it a little further out, we totally would have spent the whole weekend. I tried to convince myself to stay the night, but the cleaning and service fees are always a little nuts on condos for just one night.

We left bright and early on Saturday morning, stopped for coffees and bathroom breaks, and rolled in to town just as their rides opened. They were running a BOGO on their day activity passes and it was definitely worth it.

The Wreck Tangle course was a blast. I did it with my girlfriend a few days ago and it was tough. Matilda rocked it. Wilson totally cried at the end when he had to jump off the zip line, but the oh so patient employees cheerleader him and encouraged him and he eventually dropped.

I watched my kids grow up right in front of my eyes. They started jumping hesitantly. Small bounces. Soon they were doing flip after flip after flip. Being super bounced by the amazing staff. Working on ninja skills.

They loved every second of the trampoline jumps.

As part of the BOGO pass, we got to do unlimited ski lift rides, unlimited bumper boats, and a round of go karts. I am definitely not a skilled go kart driver. We may have gotten lapped a few times. But Matilda and I had a blast pretending we were in first place.

The best part of the trip was the Coaster. I don’t even LIKE rollercoasters and this was wonderful. You can control how fast or slow you go, as long as you remember which way is the brakes, which I kept confusing. Somewhere we have a 7 minute video of our whole ride, and I definitely yelled “Don’t pee your paaaaaants!” sometime around minute 6.

If you’re looking for a family-friendly mountain adventure that isn’t too far from the city, I’d definitely recommend checking it out. We’ll be back next August when everyone’s back in school and the temperatures are dreamy. Next time, though, I’m hoping to stay the weekend and spend some time in Frisco on the lake.

What’s your favorite mountain getaway?

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