Just another Tuesay


January 9th, sleeping in late. Exploring new possibilities. Dreaming big dreams. Dancing in puddles and soaking up the 40 degree sun. Couch surfing, because we didn’t hear the please do not jump on the sofa. Bike riding and welcome home’s. Puddle jumping. Sink fixing.

A million little unimportant moments make up childhood. That’s all it is. Dirty noses, messy hair. This year, I’m working on documenting the in between. Telling the familiar stories, knowing that one day soon, they won’t be familiar and I’ll be missing them. They visitor who crawls in to bed sometime before 6 am. The angry eyes. The laughter. The inquisitiveness and eagerness and curiosities.


One day these little moments will be the big moment.

This post is part of a monthly blog circle where photographers feature ten photos from the previous month. To continue the circle follow, click here to check out Jessica Hachey‘s 10 on 10 adventure.

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