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Uncomfortable. It’s something I’ve literally always avoided. I’d rather just not, and stay in my comfortable and familiar place.

This year, you guys, it’s all about being uncomfortable.

Things don’t change without discomfort. Trying new things isn’t easy. Growth isn’t easy, learning, failure. You have to be uncomfortable first. Trying new things is scary. It’s hard to change.


I tell my kids that they need to try new things. That it’s okay to fail. That they don’t have to be perfect. Here I am, avoiding new things, afraid to fail. What is this? Why am I afraid? Who am I afraid of? A bunch of strangers on the internet scrolling past my photos instead of stopping and liking them? Nonsense.

This year, it’s going to hurt. That good hurt that you get after a really good workout (which is also on my 2018 to-do list…). It’s going to be a year of stretching out who I am, what I know how to do. Adventuring past familiar.

I’m teaching a class next week. You guys. I’m teaching. A. Class. Who said I could teach my own class? What makes me qualified? Why am I enough of an expert in anything to tell anyone else what to do? Well, I’m not. And I guess I said I could teach a class. And sure, it’s new. And scary. And I could fail miserably, but I’m doing it anyway. 

Minnesota Mom121117_0613

I am not one for resolutions. But I can see things that I would like to improve on this year, areas for growth and reflection. Spots than I can strengthen. Like the BeachBody spot, for one. I’d like to make it to the part where I can sit down the day after PIYO and  get back up again. See, uncomfortable goals.

I’d like to say no. And say yes. To say, hey, I think we should not to some relationships in my life. Close some open doors. Open some closed doors. Hell, let’s work out all those hard feelings in 2018.


2017 was a big year for me. I finally became comfortable knowing who I am in a whole bunch of ways. I found my creative voice, my place in this noisy world of photography on the internet. 2018 is all about growing that comfortable to who new uncomfortable levels.

So let’s do this. Let’s go further than we thought possible. Let’s try new things. Let’s say yes, and more importantly, let’s say no. Let’s know who we are.

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